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Homeless Resources

City of Madison Hotel Program

Focus Counseling works in partnership with the City of Madison to support individuals experiencing homelessness in the Madison area.  The Vulnerable Population Hotel (VPH) and Medical Respite Center (MRC) were established in 2020 to provide a safe space for those experiencing homelessness who also are at a greater risk of critical outcomes from contracting the COVID 19 virus or exposed to or diagnosed with the COVID 19 virus.  Equus now manages the VPH & MRC Programs.  Their contact information is below.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing homelessness, please contact one of the

Dane County Outreach Service Providers listed in this brochure for assistance with shelter.

Do Not Disturb

How to contact VPH & MRC

The VPH & MRC are managed by Equus

VPH Referrals are currently paused

For more information:  Email:

Phone: 608-216-2111

Dane Co. Homelessness Services Info

MRC Referral forms for

Download Medical Provider MRC Referral Form

Download Shelter & Outreach Staff Referral Form

 Email:  (encrypted when possible)

Lending a Helping Hand

More about CHP

For general information about the City of Madison Hotel Program, email:

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General Info about Focus

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