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Welcome to Focus Counseling!
Click this link to access the Employment Application (PDF Paper Version)​​, if you haven't previously submitted one:
Please complete the list of forms below and provide them to your supervisor or the Focus Counseling Office to complete the documentation to become a member of the staff!
  1. Form I-9 (PDF Fillable) or Form I-9 (PDF Printable)
    • Complete section 1, making sure to sign and date
    • Need to provide 2 forms of identification (page 3 lists the acceptable forms of ID)
  2. Federal W-4 (PDF)
    • Complete the first page of the form, sign and date (additional 3 pages are instructions)
  3. State WT-4 (PDF Fillable)
    • Complete the top section, sign and date
  4. Background Check (PDF Fillable)
    • Answer all the questions, sign and date
  5. Direct Deposit (PDF Paper Version)
    • Fill in routing and account numbers, sign and date
    • Attach a voided check or a letter from your bank noting your routing and account numbers
  6. Emergency Contact (PDF Paper Version)
    • Fill in as much information as you can
  7. Confidentiality Agreement (PDF Paper Version)
    • Read pages 1 and 2, sign and date
  8. Employee Handbook (PDF Paper Version)​
Or you can download the Employment Application and PDF Paper Version of the seven (7) New Hire documents at this link and the Handbook Signature Pages at this link (you do not need to bring a copy of the entire Employee Handbook-- please retain all but the signature pages for your records).
If you have any questions regarding the documents listed or wish to schedule a time to drop off the documents prior to your employment start date, please email or by call 608-405-2055.
Thank you!
- Focus Counseling, Inc. 
Focus Counseling, Inc. is an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer.
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